Welcome to WRRAP’s Zero Waste Blog!

This is a space for the HSU community to explore zero waste principles through a multitude of mediums and perspectives.

We invite you to contribute, whether it’s through submitting your own piece of written work, art work, discussion questions, photos, or through engaging with the submissions and discussion posts of others.

The goal is to create a safe space to generate ideas and inspiration. Gathering in this way empowers us to create active change in our consumption and waste generation habits.

WRRAP Zero Waste Team

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Why Zero Waste Matters

2.12 Billion Tons

Of Waste generated annually


Of food produced ends up in the trash

5 Trillion

Pieces of plastic are in the ocean

4.5 lbs

of waste created everyday per American

What’s in this blog?

There is never been a better time to practice zero waste living! Join us on the journey as we explore…

  • DIY recipes
  • Challenges + Benefits
  • Sustainable alternatives
  • Local Resources
  • Small changes for Big impacts

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